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Speech Karaoke

Karaoke – spoken not sung.

Speech Karaoke – as the name suggests – works in a similar way as a traditional karaoke, but it allows people to re-interpret known and unknown speeches in their own way. Instead of choosing between songs from a booklet, the user chooses between speeches. Within a relaxed atmosphere one can listen to speeches delivered by other karaoke bar guests – or try out how it feels to interpret someone´s speech.

Speech Karaoke is a constantly expanding project by The Speech Karaoke Action Group. When the Speech Karaoke-project arrives to a new city, local speeches are added to the Karaoke archive. Workshops enable participants to write their own speech, or select a speech of their choice and add it to the karaoke system. In a public Speech- Karaoke event anyone can choose a speech to be performed in any style they choose in an encouraging atmosphere.

The speeches range from personal every-day-life speeches to important historical speeches from different cultures and in different languages. At the moment the Karaoke system contains several hundreds of speeches. Most speeches are in Finnish and English, but also some Swedish, Estonian, French, Dutch and German speeches are included. One finds the Joulurauha and Timo Soini ́s May Day speech. Sermon on the Mountain or Barack Obama´s Nobel- prize-acceptance-speech. Classics like I Have a Dream are next to a 12-year-old girl´s speech about a museum visit, contributed in one of the workshops. The shortest speeches take less than a minute, while the I Have a Dream speech of Martin Luther King is about 16 minutes. Humor and sincerity are clashing when one finds Bill Clinton ́s I did not have sex – speech, followed by Bill Clinton ́s speech: Sorry, I did have sex. In a karaoke event the same speech might be given several times by but each performance is very unique and personal.

In 2010 the Speech Karaoke work was originally developed within the “I am a socialist-anarchist- individual-collectivist-individualist-communist-cooperative-aristocrat-democrat.” –exhibition.

Behind the piece are the artists Frank Brümmel, Krister Gråhn, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Tuomas Aleksander Laitinen, Carl Sebastian Lindberg, Pilvari Pirtola, Johanna Raekallio, Satu Rautiainen, Pasi Rauhala, Jyrki Riekki, Hanna Saarikoski and Julius Valve.


Photo: Pasi Rauhala


Photo: Pasi Rauhala