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Offene Schranke (open barrier) is a 16 x 15 x 1.4 meter large, painted steel sculpture. Offene Schranke was realized within the scope of an art competition. The competition was put out for tender by the KIB-Group Nürnberg. The draft of an oversized open barrier by Frank Brümmel and Ladislav Zajac convinced the appointed expert panel. As a result the sculpture was built 2008 in the Eurocom Businesspark in Nürnberg, Germany.

Offene Schranke

January 21, 2014
Photo: Ludwig Olah


“The competitions task was to create a public sculpture for the Eurocom Businesspark in Nürnberg, Germany. Besides the place there were not given any other standards or themes. The actual site was a circular grass field surrounded by office buildings and crossed by a footway. At a first visit of the location we recognised a tremendous amount of signs and barriers. There were traffic signs, direction signs, prohibition signs, company name boards, garage- and street-barriers. The place seemed overorganized, technical and very German. It was immediately clear, that we had to work with this situation. We wanted to draw outside the lines and transfer the situation to absurdity. In that we wanted to open a new way to percept the site. Hence, through the course of draft, crystallized the idea of a oversized open barrier.”

There was an enormous amount of technical requirements for the sculpture. An underground carpark is directly under the sculpture. There were two structural engineers involved in the project doing the structural engineering calculations. Architects handled the applications for building permit. A building enterprise built the special foundation. Particular we thank metalworking company Thomas Hürner, Cadolzburg, Germany.

You can find the sculpture here: